Tax Enquiry Investigation

If you have a tax enquiry or investigation Shires Accountants have the expertise you need to successfully defend your position.

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The Shires Accountants team are vastly experienced at supporting clients through the various tax examination process.

HMRC examinations are divided in to two categories - “tax enquiry” and “tax investigation” however don’t be fooled by thinking one is less concerning then the other as effectively in legislation there is no difference between the two.

Principally in a tax enquiry HMRC will be requesting information about particular entries in a return which generally will be within a specific period.

Whereas when HMRC opens an “investigation” they will be looking at the entire tax return which may also include various periods.

In an both examination methods HMRC will usually ask to see all the business records including supporting documentation such as bank statements, bills, VAT receipts, mileage records, expense claims, office diary’s and financial accounts, either held by the taxpayer or prepared by the accountant acting for the taxpayer.

HMRC will examine the records provided to confirm that these match the figures reported and claimed.

The three most important points in the entire process are:

  • Firstly, get professional help from an accountancy firm such as Shires who are well versed in tax investigations
  • Secondly – do not discuss or communicate with HMRC directly yourself
  • Thirdly – do not to put it off as HMRC will not go away and it will inevitably cost you more

No matter what your circumstances are, rest assured that we will have dealt with it all before. We have managed cases that have included small genuine oversights right through to large scale fraud which has involved the National Crime Agency.

Our experience means that we understand the complexities of the UK tax regime and the way that HMRC’s processes and procedures work. We are also experienced in litigation and have advised and defended clients in a range of cases at Tribunal.

Shires Accountants can help you... so don't put it off... For a free no obligation meeting or discussion please call us on 01270 820273 or complete the form below and we will get back to you.

We offer HMRC Tax enquiry or investigation services for:

  • Income tax including Self Assessment Section 9A TMA 1970
  • IR35
  • Corporation tax
  • VAT
  • PAYE
  • Property tax

Voluntary Disclosure

You may have made a mistake on a previous tax return or forgotten to tell HMRC about some income, profits, property or other gains. Disclosing these inaccuracies to HMRC before they realise the error and investigate you usually means the situation is resolved with lower penalties and at considerably less cost to you. This is known as making a voluntary disclosure.

Forced Disclosure

A forced disclosure is when HMRC prompt you to disclose any income, profits, property or other gains you have made but failed to declare. Forced disclosures often incur greater penalties as deliberate acts are taken into consideration.

If you have need to make a Voluntary disclosure or have been prompted to make a disclosure by HMRC Shires Accountants can help call us on 01270 820273 or complete the form below and we will get back to you.