Payroll & Auto-Enrolment

Are you considering outsourcing your payroll, or looking to change your current provider, Shires can help..

  • Chartered Payroll Provider
  • Fully GDPR Compliant
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Affordable fees

Shires Accountants provides outsourced payroll services for small businesses, charities, local authorities, academy schools, and NHS trusts. 

There are many aspects of running your organisation that are vital -but to your workforce getting paid correctly and on time is crucial. It goes without saying that this is one area of your operation you want to get right!

Shires Accountants are members of the CIPP Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals and have a dedicated champion team to operate your payroll, so whether you’re a new Start-up or a multi national in need of a flexible, no hassle, on time, every time, payroll solution, you should talk to the Payroll Champions and see the difference…

Whether you have just one employee or a thousand, we offer a free no obligation meeting and quotation and would welcome the opportunity to discuss any requirements you may have. So why not call us on 01270 820273.

Below are our standard payroll services but we are happy to discuss any other requirements you may have...

Standard Payroll Services

Our standard payroll service takes care of all your processing and reporting requirements whether weekly, monthly or quarterly. You simply provide us with your employee’s gross pay amount or hours worked and we do the rest.

Managed Payroll Services

Our managed payroll service takes it to the next level of convenience and time saving for you. One simple payment to us and we take care of the rest. We process your employees pay and make payment to them via BACs directly in to their bank account. We also ensure all HMRC liabilities for Tax & NI (employers & employees) are paid and transfer all pension payments to the pension provider on your behalf.

With both solutions we provide –

  • Employee and Employer pension deduction calculations with all recognised pension providers including NHS Pensions
  • At source deductions such as student loan and earnings attachments
  • Holiday pay, expenses and benefits calculations
  • SMP & SSP calculations
  • Production of P45 and P60’s
  • Production of P30 plus tax summary reports
  • Production of P11’s
  • General payroll advice and support and any required communication with HMRC on your behalf
  • We can also produce P11d’s for staff with benefit in kind payments (P11ds are costed separately)
  • A free GDPR complient internet portal for all employers and employees to receive payslips and documentation

Payroll for the Construction Industry CIS 

Along with our traditional PAYE services our team is vastly experienced with payroll for the Construction industry.

We can deal with all the required paperwork and payments to the sub-contractors you engage. All we need from you is amounts for labour and materials, VAT (if applicable) and we will do the rest.

  • Provide CIS payment and deduction statements for you to give to your sub-contractors
  • Provide CIS payroll summary reports for your records
  • Prepare your monthly CIS Return
  • Submit your monthly CIS Return after your approval
  • Guide you through the verification process of sub-contractors with HMRC

As part of our payroll service for our construction clients, we can assist you in the offsetting the CIS suffered against any PAYE and NIC due to HMRC. We can also assist sub-contractors claim any tax rebates that may be due from CIS paid.

Pension & Auto-Enrolment

All UK employers are now legally required to operate a pension scheme for their employees, whether the employees are eligible for automatic enrolment or not. As an employer your employees can still choose to join a pension scheme if they so want to and you as the employer can’t refuse them. However, until the employee reaches the auto enrolment earnings you don’t have to contribute to the employees pension.

Employees can choose not to join or leave the pension scheme this is called ‘opting out’ but this needs to be undertaken via a documented process. Our payroll team work with all mainstream pension providers and partner NEST the Government operated scheme we also work with many local authority and NHS trust pension providers.

If so required we can setup a new scheme and/or administers your scheme on your behalf and maintain the ongoing compliance, liaising directly with your pension provider and uploading the monthly pension data. Whether you require or operate a workplace pension, occupational pension, personal or stakeholder pension we can manage this through your payroll.