Cookie Policy

A cookie is information which is sent to and stored on your internet device when you first visit our website, and allows us to identify your internet device (but not you) the next time you visit the website.

The information collected through cookies is not normally personally identifiable and includes general information about your computer settings, your connection to the internet, your IP address, your browsing patterns, your geographical location and your username and password.

We may use the information collected in this way to:

  • Track website usage (though we will not use an IP address to track an individual’s specific usage of the website)
  • Adapt the website so that it better suits you and your interests.

Most Internet browsers provide:

  • The option to reject cookies or to accept cookies
  • The option to erase cookies stored or to be notified before a cookie is stored on your internet device.

Therefore, you agree that any use of such on your internet device is solely your choice.

However, your ease of use of websites may be reduced if you reject cookies. You will need to refer to your internet browser instructions to find out more about these options and how to use them.