CIS Construction Industry

At Shires Accountants we ensure total compliance with the CIS scheme for contractors and maximum tax rebates for sub-contractors.

  • CIS Accountants
  • Maximum Tax Rebates
  • A Plain English Service
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The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) - Shires Accountants ensure total compliance for both contractors and sub-contractors. 

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) sets out the rules on how Contractors must deduct tax from their subcontractor’s payments and pay this over to HMRC. It also sets out how Sub-contractors must deal with payments in the Construction Industry.

Shires Accountants has vast experience in working with CIS contractors and can ensure total compliance for Contractors and claim maximum tax rebates where applicable for Sub-contractors.

Why use Shires Accountants for your Construction Industry Scheme CIS

As a Contractor, we can help meet your obligations by:

  • Registering you as a CIS contractor with HMRC
  • Verifying your subcontractors with HMRC
  • Ensuring correct payments to subcontractors
  • Submit monthly returns to the HMRC
  • Issue CIS vouchers to subcontractors
  • Apply 30% tax rate to unverified sub-contractors
  • Keep all your records in good order
  • Setting up and operate your PAYE scheme

As a Subcontractor, we can help meet your obligations by:

  • Establishing your status as a subcontractor
  • Register you with HMRC as a subcontractor in the CIS scheme
  • Verifying you with HMRC on behalf of your contractor
  • Advise and assist on managing and organise your business records
  • Advise on minimising your tax liability
  • Prepare and submit your self-assessment tax return
  • Calculate your tax liability or refund if applicable

If you would like to discuss setting up a new CIS scheme or move your existing scheme to Shires Accountants we would be pleased to discuss this with you, Simply call us on 01270 820273 or complete the form below and we will get back to you.